Today I learned something about job burnout,I think it's very useful,it help me a lot, so i want to share with you,maybe u can get something.

<h2>Test Your Job Burnout</h2>

  1. Desire the off-duty when working
  2. Always think about job-burnout
  3. Consider yourself "work more & earn less"
  4. Reckon yourself as "unimportant role" in the company
  5. When having dinner with friends or past classmate, the main topic is "complaint"
  6. No interest in your job, just earn money but passion
  7. Feel too much pressure and difficult to accomplish the task
  8. Dislike even hate yourself
  9. Envy other guys too much and would like to find a better job
  10. Find yourself no space to move on

<h2>Test Result</h2>

  • Tick 1~3                            • A little bit burnout
  • Tick 4~5                            • Burnout for your job
  • Tick 6~7                            • Burnout & Exhausted
  • Tick 8~9                            • Much more burnout
  • Tick 10                              • Wanna leave out right now

<span style="font-size: 14pt;">H</span>owever, everybody knows that each company & each job have the lights and dark sides.No one is perfect.And the critical way to solve this problem and release the pressure is to re-establish your interest and confidence.
<h2>You Ways To Love Your Job</h2>

  1. You should realize that this area could let you earn more and let you get the pay which worthy of your working.
  2. The reason for job burnout means your method and option is TOTALLY WRONG.
  3. Please set up your career plan. It should be measured to one year,one month, one week,one day. You should tell me, what will you do tomorrow? what will you do today?Don't tell me a story about you future,It is no sense.
  4. Don't worry about the change,it is common and acceptable.

<h2>Do It Right Now</h2>

  1. Be professional. No matter what you do, you should become a professional person in you field, it make you valuable.
  2. Get more and learn more. You should keep learning,when you know more than others,at that time,you will get more.
  3. Create your value.What others cannot do, you can do. What others can do, you can do better.


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